2021  Campaigns leaders course – strategy training for social activists leadership course, Israel Alliance Organization, Tel Aviv
2018  A Good Enough Studio – course for women educators and therapists  Nona Orbach Studio, Kiryat Tivon (diploma studies)

2015 B. Ed. Fa Hamidrasha Campus, Beit Berl College, Kfar Saba 

2005  School of Visual Theatre, Jerusalem.  

2001 Photography and writing studies, Camera Obscura College, Tel Aviv. (1 year)

Additional Education:

2006 Permaculture Design course Adamama farm. Nir Moshe village
2004 Shiatsu therapist diploma Tali Hayat School, Tel Aviv

Solo Exhibitions

2014 "25 Degrees", Curator Yaniv Ayger, Ziz Gallery,Tel Aviv

Group Exhibitions

2018 "Flowers of Our Land", curator: Udi Edelman, Center of Digital Arts, Holon, Israel
2013 "Intervals", Minshar Gallery fundraising exhibition for Anarchist Against Walls, Tel Aviv, Israel

2012 "Media Active", curator: Alona Friedberg, site specific performance around the city of Kfar Saba, Israel

2012  Nano Dance Festival, curator Ron Katsir, The Zimmer Studio, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2010  The Mansion House Collective, Beit Ha’kerem, Jerusalem


2019 The Artist Residence, Residency Program, Herzliya, Israel
2019 Samar Desert Art Residency, Kibbutz Samar, Israel


2017  Ticho House, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
2020  Menofim Festival, Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem


2013  Good Deeds Day Grant, Shari Arison Fund, Israel
2010  The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts, Tel Aviv 


2021  “Ha'aretz", Naama Riba, "What Was Left From The Damaged Grove" 

2016  "Ha'aretz", Shany Litman, "Over 100 Artists Sign a Petition Calling to include an Artist in The Board for Electing a Curator for Tel Aviv Museum of Art" 

2016 "Ha'aretz", photography blog, editor Daniel Chechick

2015 "Mako", "Paint Away: Meet the Artists of The Future", editorial

2015 "Portfolio" art magazine, Yuval Saar , "We Writers, Curators and Educators Let Society Learn itself"

2014 Yediot Acharonot", Ziv Raviv, "Like to Feel as Stranger"

2013 "Ha'aretz", Moshe Kutner, "Why Write a Facebook Post When You Can Create a Fanzine?"
2008 "Ma'ariv nrg", Oded Ben Yehuda," FYI, G. Bush"

2012 "Achbar Hair" (Ha’aretz local newspaper), Hila Harel, "Telavivian fanzines you have to know" 

Selected Publications

2021 "Erev Rav" Art Magazine: “Three Years and Nine Minutes”: An article about Tel Aviv Museum’s request (made in early 2005) to censor a nine minute long film made by Artist Jack Faber using the museum’s security camera, 2021

2020 "Mako" Media Magazine: “Jesus Arrives at the High Court” a column about the case of the city of Haifa Municipality ordering to remove an artwork depicting a crucified Ronald MacDoald from an exhibition at the Haifa Museum of Art, and a patition submitted to the High Court of Justice  against the decision.


2019 Basis College For Art and Culture Magazine: “There’s nothing to be happy about these days”, in conversation with artist Loris Gréaud about his exhibition ‘Sculpt: Grumpy Bear: The Great Spinoff’ in Tel Aviv Museum, 2018

2017 "Calcalist”: ”I No Longer Have Exclusivity Over My Identity, I Share It With a Robot”, a conversation with Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro, director of the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory, Graduate School of Engineering Science at Osaka University

2017 "Harama" Art Magazine: "Governing Forgetfulness" the indoctrination of collective Israeli memory to align with the Zionist narrative

2017 "Calcalist”: In conversation with artist Ai Weiwei about his exhibition ‘Maybe, Maybe Not’ in Israel Museum,

 2016 “Beit Avi Chai”: “How Do Writers Write?”

2016 "Calcalist”: “You Do get to Choose Your Family”, about  Keren Ida Natan’s alternative family model,

2016 “Erev Rav Art Magazine”: “Woman, Camera, Knife” impressions from Malki Tesler’s exhibition at Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv, 

2015 “Platform –the art museum education magazine”: “Art is Not a Luxury”, a conversation with Dr Aya Lurie, director and head curator of Herzliya Museum,

2013 "0618 – Philosophy newspaper", editor Ravid Rovner and Yael Atya, 

"November" Nomi Geiger's artist book,

2013 "The paper channel" fanzine, "For and against interpretation", Hakim Bey, editor: Yosef Lampel,

2009 "Mitan for think and action", editor Yossi Granovski, 

2008 "The Paper Channel" fanzine, "The words of Chief Seattle, editors: Yosef Lampel, Addam Sesler, 

Additional Professional Experience

Art journalism writing
"Calcalist" (a daily newspaper) – art journalist
“Platform –the art museum education magazine” - writing, editing, translation, Israel Museum

“Erev Rav” – a weekly column about art in a social and political context

Art Production and curation 

Fun Fun Fanzine Festival: co-founder, curator and chef of an independent fanzine and art festival that took place in the Central Bus station in Tel Aviv 

Art Teaching

Independent art writing study group
facilitating and teaching an art writing group of professional artists and creatives at my home in Tel Aviv (3 month course)

"Leibling Haus" - White City Center, Tel Aviv
art, writing and performance teacher for 4th and 5th grade pupils.

Culinary Experience 

2000 – 2010

Cook and Konditor, various restaurants in Tel Aviv such as "Pua", "Odeon", "Iceberg" and"Close To The Plate" catering

Owner, "The Mansion Hous"’ an organic-local food catering boutique in Jerusalem