Black-sponge bullets (#4557) are made of synthetic rubber and are used in East Jerusalem as a
riot-control measure. Police regulations, which classify them as "non-lethal", prohibit aiming the
black-sponge bullets towards the upper body and towards children, pregnant women and the
elderly. Black-sponge bullets have been used by the Israeli Police for three years now, and have
already caused dozens of serious head injuries. Half of those injured were children and teenagers.
To date, at least 14 Palestinians from Jerusalem lost an eye after being hit in the face by a sponge
bullet. Those photographed as part of this project were not suspected of participating in riots and
no legal steps were taken against them. Most of them were injured while they were inside their
homes or walking in a street nearby.

Zakariya Julani, 13 years old Shuafat refugee camp,2016
Ahmad Abu Hummus, 13 years old Isawiya,2016
Muhammad Abid, 7 years old Isawiya,2016
Taysir Sanduka, 33 years old Shuafat, 2016