Tamar Nissim

Curator: Gili Zaidman

December 2, 2021-  January 1, 2022

Opening Reception: December 2, 2021, 8 PM

The exhibition  "Forgive me for being hard hearted" is the third part of the "Hygiene Project trilogy".

Nissim's  trilogy focus on hygiene methods and basic household tasks, and the way these methods were used by the Zionist ideology to establish the identity of the Jewish immigrants. These methods were used to justify the patronized attitude towards women from the non-hegemonic society in Israel. The exhibition is based on historical research and testimonies from the Yemenite Children Affair Committees. These  Inquiry committees   investigated the disappearance of children during the big wave of immigration of Jews from Muslim countries to Israel in 1950s. 

What happened to these babies, who disappeared,  is still unsolved  more than 70 years later, and remains as a dark shadow on the Israeli society. Nissim as a multidisciplinary artist relates to the diverse perceptions of family, faith, and motherhood ability in the Israeli multicultural society, via Video, photography and archival installation. In the third part of the project  Nissim wonders about the possibility of forgiveness.