Curator: Keren Zaltz

Opening: Thursday, June 8th 2023, 8pm
Closing: Saturday, July 8th 2023, 14pm

Aya Nitzan creates a syntax of archetypes, in which she moves through the spaces of time and
explores issues related to the real, memory, and death. In a similar manner to traditional
photography, where the basic indexical action effect leaves a real imprint on the photographic
film, Nitzan searches for the presence of time within the various objects, she marks,
appropriates, and imprints. Nitzan's photography peels back layers of time and observing it
corresponds with the process of an archaeological dig and uncovering the remains of the past.
Unlike archaeological excavations, Nitzan's photography layers are not chronologically
organized, nor do they necessarily cover what lies beneath them, and they do not provide a
clear narrative. They are folded within one another, the past inside the present, and the
present inside the past, and their boundaries dissolve and disappear. The photograph turns
from a fleeting moment into a lasting event, grasps the essence condemned to an islet, and
emerges as a conservation site.