David Frenkel

Curator: Gili Zaidman

Sound, harp and electronics: Adaya Godlevsky
Cast: Lilach Dekel Avneri, Moshe Gershon
Video editing and sound design: David Frenkel

'Rosie' traces interpersonal relationships and cultural associations through still photography, video and stop-motion.
Actions in the studio space and in computer programs trace visual and musical patterns, and shift between a visual grid created by the artist
and a sound grid by Adaya Godlevsky. Accuracy and randomness feed off each other.


Different agents collaborated for the project: plants and human actors, animals, inanimate objects and even a search engine
that contributed its own algorithmic grid. The audience is invited to share a synthetic and acoustic sensory experience,
to cast meaning into squares of nonsense, string squeaks and electronic bells.