Eyal Agivaye’s “The Damage is Done” 

   05.08 - 04.09.2021

Indie Photography Group Gallery

Curator: Omer Shachar 

Eyal Agivayev's The Damage Is Done emerges from the Protagonist, Icarus, as a symbol of tragic masculinity. The journey of the fall is described through images that show a predetermined end. The melancholy that gazes from a neglected urban landscape, one that never comes to a completion, ever-changing, delayed and causes disorder, is the environment of occurrence in the anti-hero's life, and it is the one that births its meaning.

The starting point in the exhibition is the work of the solar collector that failed and emits the sun's rays back. It is the first witness to the fall. The objects are taken from the everyday, presented as archeological remains and evidence from the present, collected from their natural environment into a new, artificial-theatrical environment.

Stains often appear throughout the exhibition, becoming a recurring motif in Agivayev's works, as they appear in the street, space, and body. These stains act as a connecting line between the living and the inanimate, signaling the potential for vulnerability in every object or being.

The endpoint in the exhibition is a digitally processed photograph, framed in a trapezoidal shape, in which legs are seen detached from body and identity. Inferior - laid on a socket in a lawn, raises questions about what happened a moment before, and presents a magical and miserable that takes place simultaneously. Resting/placing on a socket in a lawn raises questions about what happened a moment before and presents a magical and miserable event that occurs simultaneously.

Eyal Agibiev (b.1989, Acre) graduated with honors from the Department of Photography at Minshar for Art in 2016. Solo exhibitions include "Evidence" at Minshar Gallery (2019); "The Age of Mediocre Life" at the third floor on the left (2021). Participated in group exhibitions at theUkshi Arts Museum - Acre (2012), P8 Gallery (2017), Artspace Tel-Aviv Gallery (2017), and Haifa Museum (2020).