Sasha Tamarin | Leeron Tur-Kaspa
Curated by: Miriam Naeh | Hila Vugman

In this joint exhibition "Are We There Yet?" Sasha and Leeron present a mixture of objects and photographs, representing frozen rock-like objects next to sentimental and soft materials. Sasha’s photograph’s showing a hat saying “VISITORS ARE REAL” sets a surreal and alternative reality tone to the entrance of the the exhibition space. Leeron’s sculptures present various liquids and solids in different stages of development, and objects that are unsure of their own functionality. The materials she uses are neither organic nor synthetic, and so are the images of water and snow, faux objects, and even emotional sceneries that occupy Sasha’s photographs. In the space between the bi dimension image and the objects, Sasha and Leeron present us with a blue playland where the rules are never what they seem.

Three Sisters, 2015
Thank You, 2015
Visitors are real, 2015
Goodbye snow, 2015