Curator and editor | Liliana Orbach

Participant Artists: Grimanesa Amorós | Andrés Cuartas | Liber May & Pablo Verbitsky | Ariel Mioduser | Livia Pascual | Adrian Regnier Chávez | Leyla Rodriguez | Mauricio Sáenz | Rinat Schnadower | Elena Tagliapietra




Video Latino is the title of a program that exposes a variety of works by video artists who were born in Latin countries, some of which create in their country of origin; some of which create somewhere else within the globe.

The participant artists' creations deal with themes, which include social and personal aspects such as localism, migration, gender, inner dilemmas, power struggles.

The video compilation has been created for Indie Gallery, Tel Aviv, and will be screened from February 25th to February 27th, 2016.

Mauricio Saenz. Casa Iceberg. Still from video work
Livia Pascual. A Saga Do Heroi. Still from video work
Adrian Renier Chavez. V.I.S.A. Still form video work